Teak Facts



Is an attractive, golden wood with natural oils that make it resistant to rot. Even without being oiled or varnished, teak wood, especially from mature old-growth trees, is extremely durable and weather-resistant. It is also highly resistant to termites and other insects.  Teak wood is an extremely dense course grained hardwood and is widely known for its durability. 

Environmentally Friendly
Our Teak product is made from environmentally friendly Plantation Teak in Jakarta, Indonesia.  The plantation is regulated by a Indonesian government agency who set guidelines as to the number and size of trees which can be harvested, as well as the numbers of trees which are replanted for future generations.

Quality Construction and Beauty
Quality Java Teak (click on photo's on website and notice the quality construction and beauty)  Type A & B Teak Quality is used in all ATC furniture construction     (type B & C on unseen areas)
Packaged as fully assembled fold away - or simple knock down (kd).
Tables include a 2 inch umbrella hole option, brass fittings and lower pole stabilizer.
Steamer Chair, Beach Lounger and Arm Chair have multi-position hardware for comfort positioning. 

Umbrella features solid teak pole and 8 rib support cage.
Canopy has sewn in wind vent and comes in 3 colors - Blue, White and Green.
All items are stained with a light teak oil for long lasting all weather protection.        


  • Mortise and Tenon Joinery for Exceptional Strength and Longevity        

  • Fully Assembled - Fold Away (most items)        

  • Solid Brass Fittings        

  • Finished with a light teak oil stain